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Text Box: Our church history extends from the Day of Pentecost unto this very hour. Our founder is Jesus, the Son of God. Some two-thousand years ago, Jesus declared to His disciples as they came into the coast of Caesarea Phillippi that he would build His Church (Mat 16:18), hence the Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ. Subsequently, on the Day of  Pentecost the Holy Ghost  descended upon the disciples who were hidden behind locked doors for fear of the Jews (Acts 2:1-4).  Christ having been crucified, entombed, and risen from the dead sent to His followers this Gift of the Holy Ghost from God the Father. The Church of Christ is herein established as Jesus declared. It is His body, purchased with Hs blood, and joined to His disciples by the Holy Ghost. The Church of Christ is the earth bound, visual, and spiritual representative of Christ until he comes again to remove it.  Since those once locked doors where opened, our doors have not closed and the invitation to learn of Christ through the Word of God remains and the Holy Ghost still abides. Come to Jesus. Will you become a Disciple of Christ?

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